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Professional approach to investments! Earn up to 7% per day

Royal Bet is a unique service that had no analogues before. Royal Bet is an innovative trust management system. The key difference between RLBET and any other trust management is that the system calculates the profit for the investor automatically, in proportion to the size of his contribution - errors and delays due to the human factor are excluded.

We bring together unique people around the world. We make money in the financial markets.

Features of the system



Your profit







How it works?

Many people know that cryptocurrencies have high volatility. Therefore, inexperienced traders often lose their investments. But for a professional trader, the cryptocurrency market is unlimited opportunities for making a profit!

In RLBET, an automatic trust management system, it can be obtained constantly based on trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Your income

Our development does not apply to hypes, pyramids, etc. because of this, we do not set a static percentage.

The percentage of profit depends on the profitability, according to the results of the past day. According to our calculations and the experience gained, we can guarantee a daily profit of 1% to 7% of your contribution.

The income received above these figures is distributed to the reserve fund, to the advertising company and various promotions and competitions for our investors. Withdrawal of profit is available daily and around the clock.

Value Betting is a strategy designed for a long-term and highly profitable game. Your contribution works exactly 365 days and makes a profit daily. At the end of this period, the contribution is fully refunded. However, everyone has different situations and we provide options for early closure of the entire deposit, with a commission of 30%.

Affiliate program

You can work with Royal Bet even without personal investment. We offer you the opportunity to earn extra income through our affiliate program. Favorable conditions and generous rewards for attracting new users will allow you to receive passive income - get affiliate from all deposits of the invited participant!

Attract partners:
Register and use the unique affiliate link in order to invite a participant to the project.

Get rewards from deposits created by your partners:

  • 1st level - 6% of the deposit
  • Level 2 - 4% of the deposit
  • Level 3 - 2% of the deposit
  • Level 4 - 1% of the deposit

Your additional income generated by the terms of the Affiliate Program is not limited by anything and will depend only on your determination, enterprise and desire to grow and develop.

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Top Questions

Frequently asked Questions

We guarantee our investors the confidentiality of personal data and the safety of funds. However, remember that any investment is always associated with risk, which is proportionally equal to profit. Therefore, we have selected the optimal ratio of profitability and risk.

In order to become a member of the system, register. Registration is free and takes a couple of minutes. Log in to your account by entering your username and password, select a payment system and open a deposit. After opening the deposit, you will automatically become a member of the system and will receive a return on investment.

To restore the password you need to click "Forgot Password" and follow all the instructions of the system. If the password cannot be reset, contact support.

Yes. To do this, log in to your personal account and select the appropriate section. Save the new data. If you cannot change something, contact our support team.

Yes, the company guarantees our investors the protection and security of personal data. We do not transfer personal data of clients to third parties! Our site is protected from various types of attacks, and all transmitted data is encrypted.

In order to open a deposit, register, log in to your personal account and replenish your account.

In this case, check if you entered the data correctly. If the data entered is correct, clear the cache and try again. If the problem persists, write to support.

Affiliate program

In your personal account you will find your referral link. Distribute it in all ways you can and invite people. New users will use your link to visit our website and register. After that, they will automatically be assigned to you. You will receive affiliate rewards for all replenishments of their account.

Financial questions

As a rule, money is credited instantly. However, it is necessary to note that the time of receiving the payment in to the account may depend on the regulations of the payment systems.

No, there isn’t. The system does not provide any commission for withdrawing the daily income. The investor pays only the commission of the payment system he chooses, if any. However, the service provides a commission for the early closure of a deposit in the amount of 30%.

Please, check whether the data you have entered are correct. If you are sure that when withdrawing funds, you have complied with all terms and conditions of the system and the data you have entered are correct, but the funds still have not been received, contact the support team and we will help you immediately.

You can replenish the balance by using the following payment systems – BitCoin, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Payeer, Visa/Masterсart and other.


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